How to help?

There are lots of ways, in which you can help the association;

Donate food or cleaning products 

We currently have shopping trolleys placed near the tills, at the Mendoza supermarkets in L’Alfas del Pi and Albir, and at the Hyperber supermarket in Alfas del Pi, where you can leave your non-perishable goods. Please check the list of what we most need in the Food Bank section. For larger donations or for fresh produce, please contact us here 

Give clothing or children’s toys 

Do you have good quality, second-hand clothes or childrens toys? Donate them to the association, so that they will be either redistributed or sold on the Friday market in L’Alfas del Pi. Pop to their stall to say hello, feel free to bring any donations with you or maybe have a look for a bargain for yourself? 

Donate money ↗️

Whilst your food donations help us enormously, we do need also cash to help us pay for all the fresh produce, as well as paying regular bills to run the premises, a large van etc…  You can donate, using a safe and easy payment system, which accepts most payment methods. Click here to donate ↗️

Organise a sponsored event or get a business involved 

What ideas do you have for raising money in your local community? Please send us a message, in the last year, we have had great community projects, ranging from sponsored walks to the lighthouse, children making lovely bracelets to sell for us, a charity calendar, etc.. 


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