The Food Bank 

The main activity of the Voluntariado Social is a very busy and well organised Food Bank, which has a team of up to 50, mostly part-time volunteers and is currently helping more than 300 local families.

Every week, food packs are prepared and handed out, based on the size of the household and reflecting individual preferences and needs.

Although the Voluntariado Social receives some help from local government, the volume of demand means that it has had to rely increasingly on generous individual donations (both food and money), regular assistance from supermarkets, businesses and other charities.

We especially need the following, on a regular basis;

Dried and tinned food, including rice, pasta, lentils, chickpeas, green beans, sardines, tuna, tomato frito, long life cereals, olive oil, long life cakes and biscuits, milk, coffee, as well as cleaning and personal hygiene products, nappies especially sizes 5 and 6.

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