Ana, a lovely volunteer from our local Food Bank

Enjoy her interview, get to know her role at the foodbank and where she draw’s her inspiration from!

Name: Ana Mari Aniorte

From: Alfaz

Volunteer: since 8 years

Responsibility: In charge of clothing for adults, children, textiles and accessories for babies/children

Inspiration: example of parents, since both have worked as volunteers for many years and Ana’s mother was President of the Association until June 2020

Motivation: helping people

“My reward is the gratitude and love that I receive from people who I dedicate a little of my time too. Treating them alike, no matter their situation, seeing their smiles, is what makes me happy.

I want to thank everybody who has contributed selflessly. Each donation has been a great help to us, as due to the Pandemic, there are many more people than usual going through very difficult times. That is why I would like to emphasize that we continue to have a high demand also for clothing, Textiles, shoes for babies, children as well as adults.

It is wonderful to see how even people of humble resources, have been so eager helping and giving donations. Every step no matter how big, counts for us.

I am very proud to belong to this association, because those who compose it, are very transparent, good people and together we form a great family, united by our solidarity and the desire to help, so all people in our community can have their basic needs covered“

Isn’t it great to have such beautiful people in our municipality & team?